With our deep understanding of the field of translation and the accumulation of experience, more and more well-known domestic and foreign enterprises to establish long-term cooperation with us, so that we better understand your needs and concerns. And focus on creating the following seven advantages to prove that your choice for us is entirely correct.

1, has been ISO 17100 and ISO9001 international double standard certification
ISO 17100 (the International Organization for Standardization) was prepared by the International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee ISO / TC37, terminology and other language content subcommittees SC5, translation, interpretation and related technical organizations. ISO9001 certification is one of the core standards of a group of quality management systems included in the ISO9000 family standard. Means that quality control and integration of the management system has reached international standards, which means that: always consistent first-class quality, legal protection and data security, all of our suppliers through rigorous screening, and strict Compliance with relevant standards and instructions (eg IEC documentation standards).

2, optimize the process and reduce costs
We will be fully in accordance with your request to provide services, ready to provide you with the necessary support. At the same time, we will provide you with clear and reasonable advice to help you design the translation process efficiently and at low cost. By using advanced technology (such as Across or SDL Trados), we can significantly reduce your translation costs over a long period of time. With the authority of the professional knowledge, rich experience and perfect process, we will be your ideal translation partner.

3, global localization services and overseas presence

Globalization and localization services help customers penetrate the local market, meet specific countries and regions to meet the needs of customers in terms of culture, language, law, technology and marketing, and to ensure your normal budget. At present, more than 1,000 domestic and foreign enterprises have provided a global service.
We have branches in London, Toronto, Tokyo, New Delhi, Tel Aviv and other places, a huge database of the latest international translation of technical specifications, the most common professional vocabulary, all language and international synchronization. Serving clients around the world to handle daily interpreters or translations to meet your timeliness and specialization needs.

4, professional and technical team
Strong technical team, years of industry experience to ensure the professionalism of our work. According to customer needs, set up a special advisory group, specializing in translation, tailored. Based on large data analysis, to provide you with the appropriate solutions to improve our core competitiveness. You can give us the translation project with confidence. Our project manager upholds a highly responsible attitude management to oversee the entire translation process, providing you with first class professional services.

5, technical means
Computer Assisted Translation:
Secure cloud technology and workflow automation make translation faster and more accurate Customers can enjoy the benefits of this technology for free and reduce overall translation costs.
Hardware and software support:
TM tools: Trados, MemoQ, Foreigndesk, Catalyst and so on.
DTP and graphics tools: Framemaker, FrameMaker + SGML, PageMaker, QuarkXpress, MS Office, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Freehand and so on.
Engineering Tools: Visual C, C ++, VB, Java, RoboHelp, Help Workshop, Html Workshop, Trados S-Tagger, Html QA, After Effects, Flash and so on.
Operating system: IOS9, Macintosh, MS Windows 7/8/10 and so on.
Database and other: SQL / 400, Oracle, MS SQL Server, FoxPro, MS Access, Novell NetWare, FTP and so on.
Hard devices: IBM OS / 400, SGI Design Station, Sun Workstation, Power Mac, PCs, and more

6, security and confidentiality (NDA)

We have signed confidentiality agreements with our clients and our employees, and have implemented strict confidentiality system. We have classified confidentiality programs and security measures including disconnection monitoring and confidentiality U disk. Since the start of the workflow, the processes are managed by hand to ensure the integrity of the data and to prevent any form of compromise or disclosure.

7: online order + real-time monitoring
24 hours a day tracking content and projects, and view the report. Designed to simplify the translation ordering process through a user-friendly interface and easy ordering via a simple website portal.
Involved include:
Customer management: basic information, opportunity to record, maintain follow-up records, order records, receipt records;
Supplier management: basic information, positioning and rating, order records, payment records, internal scoring records;
Order management: including unit price details, project participants, project details records, project file link records;
Financial management: accounts payable, paid and paid, aging and so on;
Administration: Personnel management (attendance / training / performance / pay, etc);
Process management: the translation project start, plan, implementation, implementation, ending and other processes to manage;
Project management: including translation project analysis, engineering, distribution and QA, project duration control, layout, finalization and so on.