We can help you create the terminology system library efficiently and accurately according to your needs. In addition, we will provide you with a variety of thematic seminars and training sessions based on your requirements and provide you with the appropriate methods and techniques to enable you to efficiently create business-specific terms that are well-structured and consistent.
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Corpus TM
Extract the term entry from your company's text material and determine the translation of the term entry, the basis for the creation of the term system.
Based on the bilingual documents in the professional translation company, through the efficient alignment of tools and artificial proofreading, the formation of bilingual memory corpus
On the incremental file, in the translation process adhere to the use of CAT tools, the formation of corpus automatically;
All stock and incremental corpus are managed through CAT and cloud corpora, efficient use in translation work, lower costs, increased speed and consistency;
At the same time in the accumulation to a certain level when used to train mechanical English translation machine engine, machine translation, more substantial reduction in costs and improve speed.

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Terminology Management - We manage terminology for you
1, based on the server-assisted terminology database
2, powerful cutting-edge technology
3, unrestricted convenient network access
4, can be freely defined user permissions
5, additional Excel export function, all field entries are structured
6, term management, technical support and training to provide different service packs
7, support all standards and exchange format
8, we use advanced CAT server auxiliary terminology system to manage your data. If necessary, we can expand the termbase for you, ensure that the term is used correctly during the translation process, and maintain the terminology library for all languages. Your company employees can access the entire termbase directly through a web browser within the company.
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Application scenario:
Status 1: Many companies do not attach importance to the management of language assets, the translation needs of the department will retain a large number of bilingual documents, but unmanaged, scattered around, seemingly useful data, in fact, without corpus management, like garbage. The same is true of the same term, and the terms of the same vocabulary are expressed in different terms.
Status 2: enterprises do not have specialized people to dock the corpus and terminology of the finishing and maintenance management work. Language service providers did not provide the appropriate services.
Solution: Oracle translation to provide customers with stock corpus and termbase finishing, maintenance, while ensuring that the new project with the right tools to do, the timely accumulation of corpus. Education, advice, supervision, with the customer side of the corresponding staff to do this work.
Value: the unity of the term, enhance the accuracy of the company's product release information, enhance the competitiveness; (can browse our pre-collated termbase)
The full use of corpus assets, to be translated articles and corpus to compare, to heavy, to maintain consistency of translation, reduce costs and save time;
Corpus accumulated to millions of pairs of the above, you can train their own translation machine engine, for the request is not high, only for reading and understanding of the document, a large number of lower costs and improve production capacity.