Translation is written translation. Pen translation (different from interpretation)
Translation is a science, a cognitive activity, a skill, an art, is a professional communication tool. Professional translation is divided into interpretation, translation of the two directions.
Traditionally, "translation" is regarded as a concept that can cover all translations without further segmentation. For example, the common expressions we interpret in translation are "faith, up to and elegant", "translation should adequately convey the original content and information". In fact, "translation" is a need to divide the concept of professional categories, as medical needs to divide "medical", "surgery", "ENT" and so on, according to the application areas can be broken down into technology, communications, Financial, mechanical and other types.
Translation is a written translation and must be scrutiny, pondering and scrutiny. Especially the policy of strong government or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement, the leaders of the speech, or with international legal nature of the communiqué, agreements, treaties, protocols, international conference documents, more stringent translation requirements, not only need accurate translation, integrity , But also fluent, in line with the habits of readers.

Professional translation:

Translation industry:
Medical and pharmaceutical
Tech and independent software vendors
Media and entertainment
Energy and Utilities

The field of translation involves:
Project: energy, electricity, minerals, construction, locomotive, geographical survey, aerospace and other foreign - related projects;

Technical manual: industry standard, technical standard, patent specification, product brochure, installation manual, maintenance manual, parts manual, process, design specifications, feasibility study report;

Bidding documents: perennial assistance to the design institutes and engineering units in the preparation of English and tender documents; large-scale project bidding, large equipment production lines;

Economic and trade: business letter, fax, plan, financial analysis, audit report / annual report, sales brochure, market research, company charter, contract agreement, memorandum, company profile, equipment installation, product catalog, press release,

Laws and regulations: laws and regulations, management regulations, notice notice, industry management regulations, corporate management requirements;
Business card, passport, proof of income, bank statement, proof of work, no proof of crime, personal resume, remittance, certificate, certificate, certificate, certificate, certificate, certificate, certificate Proof of business card, certificate of marriage, marriage certificate, proof of residence, all kinds of notarial certificates, government documents,

Paper published: SCI papers, EI papers, medical papers, ISTP papers and so on

Book publishing: all kinds of books and teaching materials of Chinese and foreign translation. Movies, TV scripts, video tapes, VCD and other audio, video translation and editing;