Multimedia technology (Multimedia Technology) is the use of computers on the text, graphics, images, sound, animation, video and other information integrated processing, the establishment of logical relations and human-computer interaction technology. Real multimedia technology is involved in the object of computer technology, and other simple things, such as movies, television, audio, etc., are not part of the field of multimedia technology. Network, intelligent, standardization, multi - domain integration, virtual reality. Multimedia translation is the extension of the market in recent years with the rise of the new industry, is rapidly developing and improving.
Translation production, we will be rich media technology resources and translation resources and efficient combination of professional translation, production technology all-round advantage to provide high-quality audio and video translation, voice recording, subtitle translation, post-production and other related services.
We can provide the following items:
Audio and video
The source file for the film, TV, CD, VCD, DVD, Blu-ray and other formats of multimedia audio and video files multi-language listening and translation. According to the language of the video content, style, type, content, industry distinction, selected by the counterparts of foreigners, industry professionals and vocational translators to accurately and completely listen, and then arrange for professional translators to translate.
Can be written according to customer needs translation electronic documents, print documents, print, or edit synthesis, output CD, VCD, DVD, Blu-ray and other formats of multimedia audio and video files.

Record translation:
Provide professional screen recording services, you can choose ordinary recordings or video content synchronization recording. Professional voice teacher, sound quality, articulation clear, speed evenly, time control standards, can be optimized for sound and special effects processing, professional audio editing production and background music synthesis.
According to the section of the video content of the language, style, type, content, industry distinction, selected by the counterparts of foreigners, industry professionals and vocational translation of the translation, professional screening, and finally editing and synthesis.
Can be customized according to customer needs dubbing recording quality, optional general quality (for general corporate training materials, conference communication materials, product description or personal video) and professional quality (for audio and video publishing, external release) and output CD, Audio files, or edit the synthesis, output VCD, DVD, Blu-ray and other formats of multimedia audio and video files.

Subtitle translation is divided into: written translation, additional translation (in the form of subtitles attached to the new language materials), real-time translation, simultaneous translation and multi-media translation (at least the use of two media).
Subtitle translation process:
Assessment based on the customer provided audio and video information (including browsing, grasp the content, query background, assessment time and quotation)
Master the dialogue or dialogue to the law of nature, when the natural pause, in the manuscript on the sentence;
Audit the contents of the document is correct, a line of subtitles should try to contain a complete meaning, each line of Chinese subtitles up to no more than fifteen words, subtitles translation must be simple and accurate;
Finally, re-clear the audio and video files, check the translation of the subtitles is correct.
Subtitles and one-stop service:
For the major domestic and international TV, film program group, micro-video to provide high-quality audio and video interpretation, voice, subtitles and production services. Interpreters are radio, television or other professional training of the translator, for a variety of programs, videos, documentaries, multimedia, advertising, etc. have a very rich recording experience.

Narration dubbing:

Our full range of translations and vocal dubbing services include translating scripts into target language, narration for voice recording by actors, and recording of narratives to the original movie to lag behind the original conversation for a few seconds.
Points: different from the white voice, the narration of the audio is usually only a single actor, and directly play the original audio, can also be heard in the background, while the dialogue is completely replace the original audio playback.
High quality vocal dubbing service
We have experienced translators and secret voice actors all over the world, constantly localize, improve the script to meet customer requirements.
We offer more than 200 languages of narrative services. Analyze and translate the material, and then select the appropriate voice actor to read out. An ideal actor based on his native country, native dialect and accent.
Job placement is not only dependent on the language, but also depends on the required age, gender, sound quality, style and accent.
Premium service price concessions
As a translator of a domestic speaker, we have worked closely with a lot of narration agencies in recording space and regulation. Our long-term cooperation CCTV CCTV record channel "oneworld view" "National Geographic" project management team to control from the script translation to ensure the quality of recording the entire process of recording. So as to absorb a lot of relevant experience and solutions can meet all the technical specifications.

Video files for professional post-editing, line and non-line editing, editing, plus effects, plus text, can generate a variety of format files, subtitles optional.
Post-editing is the reconstruction, it is created, making the lens in the combination and arrangement to complete its function, and convey a variety of significance. Many of the composition of the wonderful, large amount of information, the performance of the fragmented video clips, after careful selection, deletion, combination, arrangement, editing, more able to show its own glory, in full appreciation at the same time, to the audience Business profile, ideas, product information, activities, content and other communication information. It is ultimately not only gives the visual psychological smooth, more people get a cumulative effect.
Main production software: audio processing audition; image processing: photoshop; non-line editing: premiere; effects production: after effect.