DTP publishing is the last stage of delivering customer marketing information to international audiences. We offer multilingual typesetting services that can be used in multiple languages to communicate customer information and ensure that the converted content does not lose the original material's impact.
Our graphic graphic designers, technical experts and translators will work together to meet the unique typesetting requirements for each language.
For example, Arabic has never used hyphenation, need to use to expand or reduce the font to adapt to the graphics space. As for the German, although you can use hyphens, but there is where to break the special rules. Compared to English, the Spanish text of the space may be achieved up to 23% growth. Our typographers are also proficient in Simplified Chinese text adjustment techniques and know how to adjust to fit the text box originally created for English text. Ultimately, making the whole file looks like typing in the target language.
We can use a large number of different systems and procedures for text creation. Therefore, we can use a variety of formats to edit text and localized text editing and layout.
With the most advanced technology, we can directly edit and translate all the common file formats. At the same time, tightly connected seamless workflows can significantly reduce cost and error rate and shorten editing time.
We offer desktop publishing services:
1, the use of the corresponding typesetting program, according to the source document layout to adjust the translation layout
2, adjust and replace charts, directories, indexes, cross references and special characters
3, the implementation of the company's proprietary features and style guide
4, proof of all language proofreading

We can handle the typesetting work in the following formats:
DTP and Office format translation:
Adobe InDesign
Adobe FrameMaker
Adobe PageMaker
MS Access
MS Excel
MS PowerPoint
MS Word
Open Office

Graphic format and CAD format translation:
Adobe FreeHand
Adobe Illustrator

CMS, PIM, ERP, TYPO3, WinCC Content and Software Localization Translation:
Other CMS export format
WinCC (Siemens Simatic)

Graphic Design Services
We can provide a full range of graphic design services, including layout consulting, graphic design proofreading and pre-printed monitoring.
Whether you want to adapt your existing promotional materials to specific cultural audiences or global audiences, you can provide detailed advice, from color schemes and fonts to page layout and design, and we are at all of the graphic design elements of the project To help you make the most of your existing material and successfully enter any target market.
Our desktop publishing team and graphic design reviewers work together to use a full-fledged font library to handle all applications, helping you to convert original language files to printable files in more than 170 languages.

Formatting and multilingual desktop publishing
The translated text may be enlarged or reduced by 40% compared to the original text. If you are mismanaged, this step may have an adverse effect on the appearance of the document. We can format the translated text as required, so that it is as consistent as possible with the original document.
In addition, tables, charts and illustrations usually contain a lot of trivial labels and explanatory text. There is no need for language resources, the internal typesetting department can not guarantee the correct placement of the text, and respect the language of the target language. Text placement is very important for effective communication, so using our formatting service allows you to worry, because you know that your document has been properly processed.